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In the past eight years I have spoken in the major cities of Europe, United Kingdom, North America, Asia and Australasia to a wide range of audiences. I have enjoyed every minute of these wonderful experiences. I consider myself fortunate to have been provided with an opportunity to make a significant difference in people’s lives.

Therefore I take my obligations as a professional speaker very seriously. I spend a lot of time making sure I understand exactly what is expected as my intention is to always deliver an outstanding presentation.

Presentation Summaries

Presentation Summaries

My presentations are delivered with the following in mind – I want people to have more of a say in how their life works, to know whom they are, to take what they want and need, to be able to go where they need to be. To be respectfully challenged to always act from the best part of them. If I can be a small part of this happening by giving a thought provoking, dynamic and entertaining performance – then job well done!

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From bedroom to boardroom® – it’s all about performance!

From the moment we open our eyes in the morning our lives are all about performances. But whom are we performing for, and why? This presentation shows how to focus on what matters.

Keep your energy for what really matters – learn to stay away from human energy thieves and their friends! Give a performance to be remembered for and get the results you want from life.

Purpose: High energy – humour – motivational. How best to use your energy – focus on what matters – achieve results.

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From bedroom to boardroom® – it’s all about relationships!

This presentation shows how to get the best from the people in our personal and professional world – and from ourselves. We all know that if we can’t get on with people we wont get on in life. Yet how do we best deal with people who are simply hard work? How about the person whose mission statement in life is, “I’m not happy until you’re unhappy!” Learn how to deal with people you simply can’t stand. Hear also how to strengthen your connection with the people you really can’t do without. The people who deserve more of you!

Purpose: High energy – funny – inspirational. Personal effectiveness. Client Intimacy. Customer relationships.

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From bedroom to boardroom® – don’t make me laugh!

This presentation is fabulous for anyone who wants an audience entertained by what happens or can happen from bedroom to boardroom®. Great content on Life, Love (sex, anyone?) and Work, delivered professionally and with lots of laughter. Think Ruby Wax meets Dr Ruth. Topics and themes are tailored to your audience – this is not a one size fits all presentation!

Purpose: Provides high level of entertainment. Gives insight and relevant content relating to why we do what we do, wish we didn’t or wish even more that we did!

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From bedroom to boardroom® – it’s all about family!

The first ‘organisation’ we belonged to was the family we were born in to. This presentation is insightful, humorous and life changing. It will have you thinking about your family dynamics in a whole new way. Learn how we take the role we learned to play in the family straight into the workplace – and create a whole new family! You will never look at your colleagues or your siblings the same way again.

Purpose: High energy – very funny – educational. Helps people to understand each other better. Creates better relationships at work and at home.

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bedrooms, babies & boardrooms®

This presentation is a must for anyone wanting to understand the psychodynamics of bedrooms, babies & boardrooms®. We look at the incredible gifts, the enormous changes and the constant challenge that bringing children into our world delivers. Whether your child is 5 days or 25 years old you will enjoy and be relived by what you hear. Put simply, a lot of questions you may never have asked are answered respectfully and honestly during this presentation.

Purpose: Helps to make work life balance achievable. Offers great insight with lots of laughs and sometimes a few tears.

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A check up from the neck up!

Our lives are so busy today. There is so much to do and so many people to do it for. It is no wonder that so many of us are feeling FINE. Freaked out, Insecure, Neurotic & Emotional! Psychotherapist Jackie Furey delivers a very funny and informative look at what goes on between our ears at home and at work on a daily basis. Don’t allow your head to become a neighbourhood you wouldn’t drive through!

Purpose: High energy – very funny- educational – motivational. Learn to respond to life’s challenges rather than react. Stress management.

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Emotional Resilience – the ability to conquer life’s knocks!

Themes covered; emotional intelligence, how to deliver constant competence under stress, how to create a good outcome personally or professionally regardless of high-risk status, and how to identify and play to your strengths.

As a clinician my aim is to equip individuals, families and groups to deal effectively with the challenges that life may be currently presenting to them in either the workplace or home.

Purpose: Engaging, informative, appropriate humour, educational.

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Jackie Furey, I wanted to say once again, thank you for the outstanding presentation you gave at our two conferences. We have had tremendous feedback from our 2000 delegates. You were simply outstanding!

Mike Green – Managing Director, Harcourts International Ltd

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Jackie Furey was simply outstanding.  Her presentation was informative, professional and humourous, ensuring she was a favourite amongst our delegates at our International conference in Phuket. Jackie connected brilliantly with everyone, not only while she was on stage but throughout the conference, taking time to meet our delegates and spend quality time with them.

Bill Hindmarsh – MD Goldwell/KPSS Aust & NZ

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Jackie Furey brings the stage alive. Her talks and workshops on life, love and work – bedroom to boardroom® are delivered with mastery. In the capacity of my work I have seen some of the best speakers in the world. I consider Jackie Furey one of them. She is a joy to watch on stage –outstanding information and very funny!

Philip Miller – M.B.E, Chairperson Stockvale Group of Companies – United Kingdom

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Within minutes of Jackie Furey being on stage in front of 100 of my most important clients I knew I had made the right decision in asking Jackie to come to Whistler. Her presentation from bedroom to boardroom® – it’s all about performance, was excellent. It was professional, respectful, entertaining and incredibly funny. Jackie made herself available to chat for many hours after her talk this added greatly to the impact she had already delivered.

Gary Miles – CEO Rogers Radio, Canada

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Jackie was the highlight of our conference and this is testament to her thorough preparation. She understood our brief and audience and delivered a most amusing, thought-provoking and entertaining keynote. She had everyone eating out of the palm of her hand! Her workshops were equally successful – it was so full, we had to keep the doors opened!

Magdalene St Clare – QLD Assoc of State School Principals

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Jackie Furey was an absolute delight to have around during our 5 day National Conference. That’s why we invited her back! Jackie was asked to deliver a keynote presentation, two workshops, attend a cocktail party and make herself available to our delegates and their partners.

Jackie was outstanding in all areas. Her love for her work and her genuine interest in the lives of others helped make our conference a great success.

FOODCO Group – Jamaica Blue & Muffin Break

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Jackie was immediately at home with the business audience and quickly made them at home with her. She interspersed her talk with humour in the form of anecdotes and film vision to illustrate the points being made. I enjoyed her presentation immensely and felt it was most appropriate for the audience and in the context in which it was deliveredßThe opening function for a Business Exposition. The feedback has been excellent. I would welcome working with Jackie again.

Beth Mildred – Chamber of Commerce NT

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Jackie Furey engages the audience’s attention with thought-provoking insights, rich content and humorous anecdotes. She has an incredible ability to be very funny and still provide depth and substance. Jackie has great insights into people and their behaviour. We have had her present and MC our annual conference for the last three years and she has proved to be very popular, creative and reliable.

Lorraine Wood – Chairperson South Pacific Private – 2008

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Jackie Furey engaged the audience with her intimate understanding of the nature and complexity of balancing our personal and professional lives. She is one of the best speakers and presenters I have had the pleasure of listening to. She demonstrated a powerful ability to get to the point of what is most important in our lives, the quality of our relationships.

Bob Longwell – CEO, Australian Radio Network

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Jackie Furey gave an excellent performance for us at our annual conference. Jackie delivered a very bright, thought provoking and spirited presentation. We wanted a presentation to capture the interest of both our delegates and their partners. We got it. Jackie was a highlight. I loved the humour – it was a real winner.

Refrigerated Warehouse and Transport Assoc of Australia Ltd.

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